Join us for 5 weeks of expert strategy to concentrate on the areas of business that matter most right now; e-commerce, live selling, financials, engaging content and SEO! 

- Join us LIVE in the Boutique Hub Members Group every Tuesday & Friday at 10am CDT 
- Two live sessions + workbooks weekly

 Come live or catch the replay 

- Join us LIVE in the Boutique Hub Members Group every Tuesday & Friday at 10am CDT 
- Two live sessions + workbooks weekly \\ Come live or catch the replay 

Now is not the time to slow down or be counted out, it's your time to grow through what you go through! Let's make progress through this pandemic together. 

We all have these thoughts right now: 

- Will this ever end? 
- How will I pay my employees? 
- How do I pay the rent or the mortgage?
- How will I just buy essentials? 
- Will my business survive this? 
- What can I do while working from home to keep growing?  

What we know is that this is just the off-season, now may be an unusual time, but it's YOUR time to keep learning, trying new things, building relationships with your customers and keep growing.  

Inside we'll cover


Online Shopping Has Surged 186% As Fears of COVID-19 Increase.

Master Keyword Research, On-Page Ranking Factors, Link Building & Shopify SEO


Businesses Find New Source of Revenue From LIVE Selling!

Learn to use video selling to build deeper customer connections & more sales fast. 


As Retail Sales Become More and More Difficult, Shoppers Turn to E-Commerce

Everything You Need To Start Selling More Online.


Your customers are at home waiting to hear from you.

Learn how to build more engaging content that sends highly converting traffic to your website. 


Revenue Has CERTAINLY Been Interrupted!

Here are the ways our experts are advising to get the money you need to span the gap.

MARCH 24th 

(Tuesday, 10am CDT)

  • Christyne Gray: She Profits Now

How to prepare your financials for cost savings & find hidden revenue builders that you can grow with.  

MARCH 27th 

(Friday, 10am CDT)

  • Jeff Fenn: The Boutique Hub 

Learn a step-by-step process on getting each of your Shopify products ranked on Google

MARCH 31st 

(Tuesday, 10am CDT)

  • Brandon Kruse:  Comment Sold

How to use Comment Sold's tools for live selling best practices & new releases

April 3rd 

(Friday, 10am CDT)

  • Angela Froschel:  Hot Mess Consulting

What you need to do for your online sales to skyrocket now

April 7th 

(Tuesday, 10am CDT)

  • ​Chrystal Rose:  Rebellia

5 tips to keep your food in check during this time

April 10th 

(Friday, 10am CDT)

  • Jane Kasper:  Rural Haze + Glow Group

Setting up your email & text flows to keep customers engaged 

April 14th 

(Tuesday, 10am CDT)

  • Mindy Maass:  Miss Mindy's Boutique

Maximizing your live sales now, learn from my personal tips

April 17th 

(Friday, 10am CDT)

  • ​Sara Burks:  The Boutique Hub

Break down these three critical reports, and what to do with them to profit 

April 21st 

(Tuesday, 10am CDT)

  • ​Ashley Alderson: The Boutique Hub 

4 Content strategies to drive more online sales & long term engagement 

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